Marketing In Businesses

Due to the high demand for marketing executive and the marketing role in particular many retail and commercial industries offer interim marketing jobs to attract recent graduates and marketing majors to start with the marketing jobs in the marketing division of the companies. The temporary marketing role helps the employee to develop the marketing skills and to show in practical terms the level of performance the employee brings to the everyday role as a marketing professional. Based on performance most interim marketing executives are offered permanent positions in the organization.

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Owing to the importance of the Job, many well-known companies advertise lucrative compensation packages for marketing executives to attract some talented name from the marketing industry. The executives who are qualified and hold the relevant experience can demand a significant remuneration package from the companies. Since the marketing activities are instrumental in driving the revenue for the business, this division remains the top priority in all retail, sales, and commercial industries. The top companies in the world today are working to build and retain a strong team of marketing executives to increase their presence in the market and grab the market share from its competitors.

There is a high demand for marketers, and there are many executive marketing jobs in the retail and commercial industry that are seeking qualified candidates for the positions. Due to these high demands, many graduates prefer to major in the field of marketing. The prime objective of marketing executives is to create and redefine existing marketing strategies and monitor and carry out all marketing activities to launch, promote or brand a product or services. The role of a marketing executive is a broad one that covers many promotional and administrative operations including creative controls, digital marketing management, commercial and retail sales, and advertising activities. 

As marketing and promotional activities are the prime sources to bring new prospect and ultimately increase the revenue of the business, there is a massive surge in the demand of the marketing jobs. In all types of industries such as producers of FMCG goods, or services such as hoteling industry or tours and travel, the primary goal is to create loyalty in existing customers and to capture new customers in the market. The marketing executive is responsible for managing all ATL and BTL activities and coming up with new plans and strategy to launch promotional campaigns that helps in increasing sales, build brand awareness and create customer loyalty.